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Alice in Dairyland Travel Journal by Ann O'Leary

Alice in Dairyland Travel Journal by
Ann O'Leary

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Marieke Gouda, Holland's Family Cheese
Dec. 05, 2016

Allow yourself to be transported to another land by enjoying Marieke Gouda this holiday season. Made in the traditional Dutch Way, Marieke Gouda tastes like it came straight from the Netherlands. Not only does the equipment, cultures, herbs and spices for Marieke Gouda all come from Holland, the cheesemaker does too.

Originally from a 60 cow dairy farm in the Netherlands, Marieke Penterman has brought her passion for dairy and cheese to Wisconsin. She and her husband, Rolf, began farming in Thorp back in 2002 and Marieke started making authentic Dutch cheese in 2006. Each day, fresh milk is pumped directly from the cows on her family farm to the processing vat to be made into delicious Gouda.

Her handcrafted cheese comes in 13 flavors, ranging from Black Pepper to Cumin to Honey Clove. From day one, Marieke Gouda has been award winning, claiming gold and grand champion titles at the US Champion Cheese Contest.

Grab a slice of some “Gouda” cheese today and treat your holiday guests to Marieke Gouda. Find out more about this Uniquely Wisconsin cheese and cheesemaker at mariekegouda.com.

Racine Danish Kringles
Dec. 01, 2016

Traveling as Alice has taught me many important lessons. Some of my favorite include – always start driving with a full tank of gas, keep a window scrapper nearby in the winter and each city/town has its own claim to fame. My hometown is known as the soybean capital of Wisconsin, Wisconsin Dells is known for its water parks, and Madison has the capitol.

In Racine, Kringle is that city’s claim to fame. This light, flaky pastry has become an icon for Racine over the years and one company makes a delicious Kringle that you can share with family and friends this holiday season. Racine Danish Kringle is in its third generation of business. They still use traditional Danish recipes to make their Kringles fresh each day, one at a time.

For the holiday season, they offer a variety of gift boxes and season inspired pastries. In their “Holiday Wishes” gift box, you’ll find a chocolate silk and merry berry Kringle. They also offer a Packer or Badger themed boxed that is perfect for any Wisconsin sports fan. These boxes include Pecan and Cheesecake Kringles and Red Velvet and Cherry Cheesecake Kringles respectively.

This holiday season, share the Uniquely Wisconsin state pastry – Kringle – from Racine Danish Kringle. Browse flavors and learn more at kringle.com.

Timber Hill Winery
Nov. 30, 2016

Nestled in Milton, Timber Hill Winery is one of the newest additions to Wisconsin’s winery industry.

Sparked by her interest in microbiology, Amanda, the owner, started making wine with her father as a hobby. Over the years the hobby quickly grew into a passion and Timber Hill Winery was born. The winery official opened in the fall of 2016 and currently offers 20 different varieties. Many of the wines have ingredients sourced from our state, including grapes, fruit and honey, which keeps the flavor nice and local.

Wine options range from robust reds, to light whites to specialty wines. Her wine list includes the classic Marquette red wine and the refreshing Seyval Blanc white wine. Amanda’s creativity shines through in her specialty wines and she offers a Jalapeno wine that is perfect for the "bold and brave".

Find out more about this new winery at timberhillwinery.com.

Chosen Stones
Nov. 28, 2016

Serving up that perfect holiday platter can be tricky, especially when you don’t have a beautiful dish to serve it on. Wow your guests this holiday season with dishes served on Wisconsin shaped serving trays and cutting boards from Chosen Stones. Chosen Stones, based out of Richland Center, hand crafts each of their wooden products. You’ll find their items to be high quality and durable. Many of their products are made with Wisconsin hardwood as well, keeping the production nice and local.

They offer over 150 different wooden goods, ranging from coasters to cutting boards to iPad stands. Whether you are in the market for some new kitchen supplies or want a beautiful gift to give to a loved one, Chosen Stones will have an option for you. If a Wisconsin shaped item doesn’t trip your trigger, they offer other state shapes and generic forms as well. Some of their products also offer engraving options to add an extra personalized touch.

Find a Uniquely Wisconsin wooden good at chosenstones.com.

Widmer's Cheese Cellars
Nov. 27, 2016

Commitment to tradition – that’s how I would describe Joe Widmer, head cheesemaker at Widmer’s Cheese Cellars.

For over 90 years, Widmer’s Cheese Cellars has been a staple in Theresa, WI, handcrafting artisan cheeses. They specialize in three main varieties – Brick, Colby and Cheddar. To this day, Joe still makes his Brick cheese in the most traditional way, using the same bricks his grandfather bought all those years ago to weight down the cheese. This tradition is now uniquely Wisconsin because Joe is the only cheesemaker in the country that uses this technique.

His other cheeses are filled with tradition as well. Widmer’s cheese washes their cheddar curds before salting, removing extra lactose and preventing bitter tastes in their final product. Their Colby cheese is made using the traditional stirred-curd method.

The gift of Wisconsin cheese is a wonderful way to share you love of this great state. Widmer’s offers four different gift box options that can be sent across the country to family and friends near or far. Learn more about their award winning cheeses and the story behind each block at widmerscheese.com.

Kreative Kraftwerks
Nov. 26, 2016

Working as a team is second nature to the owners of Kreative Kraftwerks. Julie and Tom Koenig started making soap in 2002 as a hobby that they could share together. Over the last 14 years, their small hobby business has grown and they now offer soap, soy candles, and lotion. Based out of Malone, they hand-craft their items in small batches, ensuring the high quality Kreative Kraftwerks is known for.

One of their most recent adventures is making Absolute Soap – a vegan soap. This uniquely Wisconsin soap comes in many scents including Smoky Clove, Lavender, and Mint. They also have a detox soap which includes activated coconut charcoal to help cleanse pores. You can also find these scents in their sugar scrubs.

Learn more Kreative Kraftwerk’s wide array of body care products at

Northern Chill
Nov. 25, 2016

Black Friday can be very chaotic. Between competing with other shoppers for that last item on sale and trying to find a parking spot, it is quite an ordeal.

Stay hydrated this holiday shopping season with water from Langlade Springs, LLC. Their Northern Chill water is bottled at the source in Polar, WI. The water comes from an aquafer that was formed nearly 15,000 years ago by a glacier passing through Langlade County. Some of the highest natural alkaline waters flow through this Northern Wisconsin spring, giving Northern Chill a natural pH of 7.8. The water also includes naturally occurring electrolytes and minerals.

Before bottling, the spring water is UV treated and micron filtered to increase quality, but not reduce taste. The bottles come in a variety of sizes, ranging from 12 fluid ounces to 1 liter, making them perfect for entertaining for grab-n-go. Additionally, their bottles are 100% recyclable and BPA free.

Find out more about this Uniquely Wisconsin water at langladesprings.com.

Pleasoning Gourmet Seasoning
Nov. 24, 2016

All the holiday treats we are about to consume this month means keeping a healthy diet will be difficult.

Luckily, Pleasoning Gourmet Seasoning is here to help this holiday season. They offer 36 different spice blends that are all certified low sodium, meaning they will add flavor, but not salt to your diet. And the best part is, these seasonings are available year-round so you can use them now or on the grill during the spring, summer and fall.

Pleasoning Gourmet Seasoning was founded by a Maestro, Frank Italiano. He worked with his seasoning blends like he would an orchestra, silencing some flavors, while drawing out the undertones of others. Although his business started as a family only affair, he opened his doors to the public in 1952 and Pleasoning has been in La Crosse, WI ever since. The company now offers blends for pork, bar-b-que and chicken. They also offer Frank’s Blend which is perfect for Italian and Greek food.

Find recipes and ways to cook with Pleasoning Gourmet Seasonings at pleasoning.com.

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