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Missouri Lawmakers Approve 'Ag-Gag' Bill
USAgNet - 05/21/2012

The Missouri State Senate passed a bill late Thursday aimed at strengthening agriculture law, and while the bill may be a far cry from the 'ag-gag' bill passed by state House of Representatives, it protects many aspects of the state's agricultural industry, including a time limit for reporting photos and video of animal abuse.

According to Pork Network, state Senators voted 25-5 for the final passage of the bill, which contains dozens of separate agricultural measures.

Under the new law, anyone with photos or video of animal abuse or neglect would have 24 hours to report it to law enforcement.

Originally, the bill approved by the state House in April would have criminalized undercover videos and prevented animal rights activists from lying on job applications or using false pretenses to gain access to a livestock farm or facility.

Similar laws were passed in Iowa and Utah this year.

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