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New Herbicide Under Review by EPA
USAgNet - 07/16/2020

A new herbicide could be available to U.S. farmers soon.

The Environmental Protection Agency is currently reviewing Reviton, a new Group 14 herbicide from Helm Agro US, the same company behind products like Kendo insecticides and the Ro-Neet herbicide.

Reviton is marketed as a burndown product in corn, soybeans and wheat, and can be used as a desiccant in cotton fields.

The crop protection product includes the active ingredient Tergeo.

The herbicide has proven itself capable of controlling more than 50 broadleaf and grass weeds, including some resistant to glyphosate, ALS and triazine.

"As a time when few herbicides are being brought to the market, Reviton is truly breakthrough technology," Dave Schumacher, president of Helm Agro US, said in a statement. "The performance of Reviton in field trials has been impressive. Growers and retailers will be excited once they see the product in action."

A new molecule discovery is partly responsible for Reviton's success.

Researchers with Farm Hannong, a Korean agrochemical company, discovered the molecule.

Earlier this year, Helm Agro US and Ishihara Sangyo Kaisha, a Japanese agrochemical manufacturer, entered an agreement to produce Reviton with the new molecule for the U.S. market. The agreement between the parties also includes two additional herbicide products.

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