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EPA launches new agriculture and rural affairs office
USAgNet - 03/04/2024

The American Farm Bureau Federation (AFBF) has expressed its support for the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) recent initiative to establish the Office of Agriculture and Rural Affairs. This move, according to AFBF President Zippy Duvall, signifies the EPA’s recognition of the pivotal role that farmers and ranchers play in conserving the environment. The creation of this office is seen as a commitment to enhancing the partnership between the EPA and the agricultural community.

EPA Administrator Michael Regan has appointed Rod Snyder to lead this new office, emphasizing the importance of agriculture in environmental stewardship. The AFBF is optimistic about the potential of this office to foster a collaborative environment where the voices of rural America are heard, and their contributions are acknowledged.

The establishment of the Office of Agriculture and Rural Affairs is expected to facilitate better communication and cooperation between the EPA and those in the agricultural sector. By working directly with families in rural areas, the office aims to ensure that agricultural practices continue to evolve in an environmentally sustainable manner. This initiative underscores the EPA’s dedication to supporting farmers and ranchers in their efforts to protect natural resources while maintaining productive operations.

As the EPA progresses with this significant endeavor, the agricultural community looks forward to constructive dialogue and actions that will benefit the environment and the farming industry. The AFBF’s endorsement of Rod Snyder’s leadership and the creation of this office marks a hopeful step towards achieving these goals.

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