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Brazil Expects to Increase Dairy Exports
USAgNet - 11/01/2012

The Brazilian Export and Investment Promotion Agency has approved an international project for the dairy industry, which will see $2 million invested into promotional materials for milk and milk products abroad.

Of the eight target countries, five are Arab and include Algeria, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Egypt and Iraq, reports Brazil Arab News Agency. The other countries are China, Angola and Venezuela. The project is expected to begin in November.

Promotions will include participation in tradeshows and fairs, the development of the Brazilian brand, trips for foreign journalists, researchers and businessmen and a buyer project.

According to the OCB Sectors and Markets analyst, Gustavo Beduschi, cooperatives account for a significant share of Brazilian dairy output, but the country is not a major exporter at this time. It was so up until 2008, when the industry exported the equivalent of $500 million.

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