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Brazil Soy Farmers Impacted by Rains
USAgNet - 01/19/2022

Brazil's harvesting of the 2022 soybean crop reached 1.7% of the estimated area amid delays in the center and north of the country caused by heavy rainfall, agribusiness consultancy Patria Agronegocios said on Monday. Still, the pace is ahead of last year when the oilseed was planted later due to lack of soil moisture in the ideal sowing window. In 2021, only 0.22% of Brazil’s estimated soybean area had been harvested at this point. The five-year average is 1.49%, Patria Agronegocios said.

Reuters reports an expected drop in precipitation levels and the prospect of open skies will help Brazil’s soybean harvesting to evolve more quickly from next week, especially in center-western states, it added.

The government estimates Brazil sowed a 40.3-million-hectare (99.58 million acres) soy area this season.

In a separate statement, AgRural, another agribusiness forecaster, estimated 1.2% of the soybean area has been harvested so far, vs. 0.4% in 2021.

“The work is slightly slower than initially expected due to rains in parts of Mato Grosso,” AgRural said referring to Brazil’s top grain producer.

There have been reports of damaged beans due to excess moisture in the mid-north of that state, but the problem is not widespread, AgRural said.

Yields are looking good in Mato Grosso, with some farmers collecting a whopping 72 60 kg-bags per hectare in the west of the state, according to AgRural.

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