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Sen. Schultz Urges Gov to Use Revenues for Propane Assistance
Wisconsin Ag Connection - 01/23/2014

As pundits argue over whether Governor Scott Walker should cut taxes or use the state's projected budget surplus for other purposes, one of his own party members has another idea. Sen. Dale Schultz of Richland Center says he would like the governor to use part of the newly reported state revenues to address the propane energy crisis.

"Before we consider other uses, I respectfully request you consider helping to address the current propane shortage," Schultz wrote in a letter to Walker on Wednesday. "This is a real issue which has the potential to leave thousands of Wisconsinites without energy to heat their homes and care for their livestock in a colder than usual winter."

Schultz' request comes in light of concerns from his constituents after hearing from propane providers supplies are limited and prices have risen to highs not seen since 9/11. The shortage is due in part to colder than expected weather and an extended corn harvest. Roughly 25,000 Wisconsin residents use propane to heat their homes.

Schultz asked the governor to convene an emergency energy task force in the event some Wisconsinites run out of propane or costs rise to a level where those at or below the poverty line cannot afford to purchase what little propane may be available.

The price of propane has hovered around $3.50 in many parts of the Midwest.

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