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Trump: Wisconsin Farmers Headed for Better Days
Wisconsin Ag Connection - 09/18/2020

President Donald Trump used his fifth visit to the Badger State this year to talk about ways his policies have helped the state's agricultural industry. During a campaign rally in Mosinee on Thursday night, the Republican incumbent mentioned the newly-enacted U.S.-Mexico-Canada trade agreement several times, saying it was necessary to protect the dairy industry against Canada's trade practices.

"Canada was taking advantage of you. People don't realize how unfairly Wisconsin farmers were being treated," President Trump told the gathering at the Central Wisconsin Airport. "They had something called specialty milk (referring to the country's decision to institute a new pricing policy in 2018 designed to discourage U.S. exports of ultra-filtered milk). This was the final straw. Farmers are now calling me to say they are getting a much better deal."

He then announced that the United States is making progress with China after the two nations had strained relations in recent years because of trade wars.

"Last week China ordered the largest order of corn and the largest order of soybeans in the history of our country," he claimed. "I think of them differently now. And farmers are doing so much better."

Meanwhile, the president also touted his administration's efforts to end the so-called federal death tax.

"In order to keep many family farms in the family, we virtually eliminated the estate tax," he said. "[Many of] these farms were put out of business because they had to borrow money to pay the tax and if you have a bad crop you couldn't make the interest payment and you lose the farm."

Trump said his immigration policy has made strides, explaining that newcomers who come to the country need to be financially self-sufficient and not rely on welfare.

Meanwhile, Vice President Mike Pence will be in Eau Claire next week--his second stop in Wisconsin during September.

With Wisconsin being one of the most contentious battleground states of the 2020 election, both the Trump and Biden campaigns have been scheduling events throughout the state this fall.

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