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Wolf Population Estimated at 1,000+ in Wisconsin
Wisconsin Ag Connection - 09/18/2020

New figures from the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources show that between 1,034 to 1,057 wolves lived in the Badger State during the past year. According to a report released by the agency this week, volunteer trackers collected data by monitoring snow tracks, recovering dead wolves, investigating wolf attacks, and collecting other observations from the public.

Last year, the agency estimated the population to be between 914 to 978 wolves from 243 packs to 256.

The report also indicated that there was a slight increase in the number of wolf packs in Wisconsin.

As many as 5,000 wolves once roamed the state, but hunting efforts in the 1970s reduced that number to around 25 by 1980.

The federal government delisted the gray wolf in the western Great Lakes region in 2012. But animal rights groups convinced a judge to place further protections on the animals two years later.

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