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Voluntary Animal ID Cost Sharing Program Enhanced
Wisconsin Ag Connection - 01/24/2007

Wisconsin farmers taking part in the Voluntary Animal ID Cost Sharing Program will benefit under recent changes in the program. According to the Wisconsin Department of Agriculture, the cost share has been increased to cover 50-percent of the cost of a DATCP-approved Radio Frequency ID tag or up to $1.00 per approved tag for every animal in the herd. Anyone who signed up under the original program will automatically be rolled into the higher cost share.

Robert Fourdraine of the Wisconsin Livestock Identification Consortium says the increased cost share is designed to make the program even more attractive to progressive producers in the state.

"The program is on a first come, first serve basis for producers interested in doing their part to manage a potential animal disease outbreak in Wisconsin," said Fourdraine.

Producers with registered livestock premises are encouraged to sign up for the program. Once they receive approval and confirmation and purchase the approved Animal Identification Number tags from USDA approved AIN tag distributors, they can apply for reimbursement.

DATCP and WLIC are initiating the voluntary animal ID program using DATCP-selected AIN tags. All USDA-approved devices will be accepted as official identification in Wisconsin. Cost sharing, however, will be for DATCP-approved RFID tags only and does not cover tag application.

The purpose of voluntary animal ID is to provide a starting point for information of where an animal has been in its life. Knowing this information will assist animal health officials in preventing the spread of disease in the event of an outbreak.

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