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WPVGA Commits $5 Million to Potato & Vegetable Research
Wisconsin Ag Connection - 01/25/2017

A two-cent increase in the assessment charged to Wisconsin's potato growers is expected to raise millions of dollars for research at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. The Wisconsin Potato and Vegetable Growers Association announced that the additional check-off revenue is projected to generate about $5 million over the next 10 years to support the university's program.

"This support stems from the great value that our growers and our potato industry see in the University of Wisconsin-Madison research team and the related research facilities," said WPVGA Director Tamas Houlihan.

The funds will be raised by the state's potato growers in the form of an additional assessment on their product sales. The industry has already increased its assessment by one-penny per hundredweight last summer, and the board is expected to raise that fee by another penny next year. Currently, growers are paying six-cents per cwt. for research and marketing efforts.

Members of the WPVGA were the first to propose the fee hike on themselves. They feel the new funding model is necessary to maintain and grow the existing UW potato and vegetable research team into the future after substantial budget cuts left many faculty and projects in jeopardy.

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