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Governor Proclaims September as State Soybean Month
Wisconsin Ag Connection - 09/01/2016

Since the production of soybeans make a significant contribution to Wisconsin's economy and its agricultural sector, Governor Scott Walker has issued a proclamation declaring September as State Soybean Month. The certificate of observance signed by the governor this week states that animal agriculture is the top consumer of soybean meal, including livestock, fish and poultry.

"Last year the state of Wisconsin grew 92.6 million bushels of soybeans with a value of $787 million, contributing significant benefits to Wisconsin's agricultural economy," Walker stated in his proclamation.

And he adds that soybeans are also an important part of Wisconsin's overall economy, with one in every nine workers employed in agriculture.

According to the Wisconsin Soybean Marketing Board, Wisconsin's 11,000 soybean farm families are currently growing twice as much food as they did 30 years ago. They are also using more of their crop to produce soyfoods such as tofu and soymilk.

The U.S. Department of Agriculture estimates that Wisconsin farmers will harvest a record amount of soybeans this year.

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