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State Dairy Groups Applaud Product Mislabeling Bill
Wisconsin Ag Connection - 09/13/2019

Two Wisconsin farm organizations are publicly supporting legislation that would protect consumers from misleading labels on imitation dairy products. On Thursday, State Senator Howard Marklein proposed a bill that would ban the labeling of products as milk or as a dairy product or ingredient if the food is not made from the milk of a cow, sheep, goat or other mammals.

Wisconsin Cheese Makers Association noted that as more soy and nut-based products enter the marketplace, it's critical that consumers understand exactly what they're buying.

"Consumers deserve clarity as they choose what to eat and how to best feed their families," said WCMA Director John Umhoefer. "We're grateful for the partnership of lawmakers at the federal and state level who recognize that truth-in-labeling will help people make well-informed choices.

Dairy Business Association President Tom Crave adds that mislabeling confuses customers who often make judgments about a food's nutritional value based on its name.

"Words do matter. Milk is milk, and cheese is cheese. Customers deserve transparency," Crave said.

Co-sponsors of the measure include Reps. Travis Tranel and Loren Oldenburg. They feel consumers should have the best information available to make well-informed choices on what foods they feed their families.

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