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Evansville Proclaimed as 'Soybean Capital of Wisconsin'
Wisconsin Ag Connection - 09/04/2007

There's no doubt that the city of Evansville is serious about its soybeans. So much so that the Rock County community is being proclaimed as the 'Soybean Capital of Wisconsin.'

According to officials, new signs have been posted at the entrance of the city with the new proclamation. The area has been in the news lately for being home to the North Prairie Productions biodiesel plant, which is currently in development and construction stages. There is also a Soybean Festival being planned for October 20.

Meanwhile, the Wisconsin Soybean Association and Wisconsin Biodiesel Association has promoted a legislative initiative in support of the biodiesel industry. The measure offers incentives for fuel wholesalers, retailers, and biodiesel producers to encourage the distribution and production of biodiesel in Wisconsin. It also includes provisions for a $4 million grant to promote development and construction of Wisconsin's first large commercial soybean crush in the state.

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