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Culver's Sells 136,000 Curderburgers on Cheese Curd Day
Wisconsin Ag Connection - 10/26/2021

Many cheese lovers flocked to their local Culver's a week ago Friday to celebrate National Cheese Curd Day by ordering the restaurant's signature Curderburger. But just how many of the sandwiches were sold?

The Wisconsin-based restaurant chain reports that 136,000 of the burgers were ordered in just one day at its 800 stores, with many locations reporting dozens of cars in line at the drive-thru prior to opening.

In Wisconsin, it is estimated that 94 Curderburgers were sold each hour. That's more than three times the normal rate for regular burgers on any given day.

The Curderburger was made up of a Deluxe ButterBurger topped with a blend of yellow and white cheddar Cheese Curds that have been breaded and lumped together.

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