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Focus on Energy Providing Incentives for Natural Gas-Powered Grain Dryers
Wisconsin Ag Connection - 10/05/2017

The Focus on Energy program announced it is working with Wisconsin grain producers to provide them with financial incentives for replacing their grain dryers with newer, more efficient models.

Focus Spokesman Casey Langan says equipment upgrades can cut a farm's operating costs, while avoiding excessive repair expenses during the busy harvest season.

"It makes sense to replace older, inefficient grain dryers with efficient models," Langan says.

The incentive for natural gas-powered energy efficient grain dryers is $8 per bushel/hour drying capacity. However, propane heated grain dryers are not eligible.

To qualify, grain dryers must include energy efficiency features such as staged temperature, differential grain speed, grain heat recovery or a varied drying column width.

Incentive applications must be submitted within 60 days of equipment installation.

For more information or to speak with a consultant, call the Focus on Energy program at 888-947-7828 or visit for a complete list of available incentives.

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