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Record Soybean Crop Still Expected in Wisconsin
Wisconsin Ag Connection - 10/12/2018

The USDA's latest crop production report projects Wisconsin's soybean harvest to set a new all-time record this fall. According to figures released on Thursday, soybean production in the Badger State should come in at 110 million bushels from an estimated 2.20 million acres. That's up from last year's record-setting 107 million bushels that were run through the combines in 2017. The yield is forecast at 50 bushels per acre, which would also be an all-time high. Last year, growers were able to harvest 47.5 bushels of beans from each acre.

Wisconsin corn production should be around 537 million bushels, with yields expected to average 179 bushels per acre. If realized, it would be the second largest crop on record and a record-breaking yield. An estimated 3.00 million acres will be harvested for grain.

Production of alfalfa and alfalfa mixtures for hay is forecast at 2.73 million tons. Yield is expected to average 3.00 tons per acre, unchanged from last year. Harvested area is forecast at 910,000 acres, up 50,000 acres from 2017. Total output of other hay will likely total 819,000 tons, with yields averaging 2.10 tons per acre. Harvested area is forecast at 390,000 acres, unchanged from the 2017 crop.

Nationally, corn production will total around 14.8 billion bushels, down slightly from last year, but up one percent from the September forecast. Yields are expected to average 180.7 bushels per acre this fall. Soybean production could see a record 4.69 billion bushels, a bit lower than September's projections, but still six percent more than last year.

The next corn and soybean production forecasts will be released on November 8.

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