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State Lawmakers Backing Effort to Resume Keystone Pipeline
Wisconsin Ag Connection - 02/04/2021

Republican members of Wisconsin's congressional delegation say they support efforts to overturn President Joe Biden's executive order halting construction of the Keystone XL Pipeline project. Rep. Bryan Steil was among a group of GOP lawmakers that introduced a bill on Tuesday called the 'Keystone XL Pipeline Construction and Jobs Preservation Act.'

The move comes nearly two weeks after Biden revoked the presidential permit for the pipeline, which Steil says will lead to the elimination of thousands of American jobs.

"I've spoken to Wisconsin workers who were laid off by Joe Biden on January 20th. These men and women just want to do their jobs, and President Biden's order has put them out of work," he said. "If the President will not reverse course and allow the Keystone XL Pipeline's construction to continue, Congress must act."

Specifically, the measure would authorize construction of the pipeline in addition to clarifying that a presidential permit is not required for its continuation.

Supporters say the project is expected to provide approximately 11,000 direct high-paying jobs and up to 60,000 indirect and direct jobs.

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