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Goyke, Johnson Sponsoring Milwaukee Urban Farming Bills
Wisconsin Ag Connection - 11/02/2017

Two state lawmakers are proposing legislation that would take a section of a former industrial area in Milwaukee and convert it into an urban farming center. Rep. Evan Goyke and Sen. Latonya Johnson are introducing four separate bills that would create an Office of Urban Agriculture within the Wisconsin Department of Agriculture and develop a $10 million educational institution focused on growing food in the inner city.

The two Milwaukee Democrats they their intention is for the concept to eventually catch on to others cities across the state as a way to combat food shortages in more populated areas.

"My dream would be an institution, a building where faculty and students could study and learn urban farming they would actually have acreage of reclaimed industrial land where they could grow and have research in an outdoor classroom," Goyke said. "This would cement Milwaukee as a national leader in urban farming."

The project would be constructed in central Milwaukee as part of an effort to revitalize the 30th Street Corridor. It could also be used for universities and colleges in Milwaukee to research and provide education and degrees for its current students.

Goyke and Johnson are now in the process of looking for cosponsors of their concept.

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