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Wisconsin Expands Biofuel Fueling Stations
Wisconsin Ag Connection - 11/04/2015

The Public Service Commission announced that Wisconsin is the recipient of a $3.7 million grant from the USDA to significantly expand and support the installation of ethanol blending equipment at retail gas stations throughout the state.

The move is part of a collaborative effort between the PSC, the Wisconsin Department of Agriculture, Wisconsin Corn Growers Association, Wisconsin Corn Promotion Board, Wisconsin BioFuels Association, American-Lung Association of Wisconsin, Wisconsin Clean Cities, Jetz Convenience Stores, Kwik Trip, Inc. and Wisconsin Petroleum Marketers and Convenience Store Association.

Partners hope to install a minimum of 100 new ethanol blending sites on or near the major fleets and travel corridors throughout the state. They also want to launch a comprehensive marketing and outreach program in conjunction with the deployment of stations under this project.

"We are looking forward to launching the program in the coming months and improving ethanol availability in the transportation sector," said Maria Redmond of the State Energy Office.

Approximately 20 stations now offer blends such as E15, E20, E25, E30 and E85. This project assists the industry which includes local infrastructure and correlated use of Wisconsin-produced ethanol.

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