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Bill Would Allow Farmers to Use Light-Utility Vehicles on Roads
Wisconsin Ag Connection - 11/05/2009

Two rural Wisconsin lawmakers are circulating a bill that would allow farmers to use light utility vehicles, such as John Deere Gators or the Kubota RTV series, on public roadways if they are doing so for specific farm purposes. Representatives Amy Sue Vruwink and Phil Garthwaite say their legislation would allow an individual to use such vehicles for agricultural use, if they don't infterfere with other traffic on the highway.

As part of the proposal, the machines must have basic working lights, brakes and a slow moving vehicle sign. The LUV is not required to be registered with DOT and is exempt from vehicle emission inspection requirements.

"The intent of this legislation is to allow our agricultural industry the opportunity to use LUVs for agricultural purposes without the threat or concern that they will be driving in violation of current state law that prohibits them from being used on a highway or roadway," said Vruwink, who chairs the Assembly Agriculture Committee. "These vehicles are found throughout Wisconsin's farms and provide a safe and many times affordable alternative to standard farming vehicles. The low consumption of gasoline is another reason why these vehicles have become so popular and allow farmers to do routine chores with ease."

A lightweight utility vehicle is defined as an engine-driven device having a gross weight of more than 700 pounds, but not more than 1,999 pounds that is designed to travel on four or more low-pressure tires, is equipped with a cargo area.

Vruwink and Garthwaite are now in the process of finding cosponsors for the measure. The bill is expected to be formally introduced later this fall.

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