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Ryan Discusses Decision to Vote in Favor of Farm Bill
Wisconsin Ag Connection - 01/31/2014

Wisconsin Congressman and former Vice Presidential Candidate Paul Ryan says the farm bill that he voted for this week did not included many of the reforms he was pushing for, but it was a step in the right direction compared to the other versions of the measure that he voted against earlier. According to The Hill, a Washington, D.C. political newsletter, the Janesville Republican said the Agricultural Act of 2014 will do some good and would 'save more money than if we did nothing.' The bill passed in the House on a 251 to 166 vote on Wednesday, with many conservative Republicans voting against it.

"I wish this bill included more reforms to our agricultural programs," Ryan said. "We should help the little guy--the family farm that's in need. We shouldn't bankroll the big guys. So we should tighten the eligibility standards for crop subsidies."

As chairman of the budget committee, Ryan originally called for 10 times as much deficit reduction in his farm bill draft. He voted against a compromise farm bill last summer, but later supported a version that stripped out the food stamp program.

He also said in July that he would need to see payment limitations if he were to support a final farm bill.

"It will provide some much-needed certainty to family farmers. It is an improvement over the status quo, and so I support it," he said this week.

The Senate will now vote on the same measure before it goes to the President's desk for consideration. Barack Obama indicated he would sign the bill.

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