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CWD Investigation Leads to Iowa Co. Deer Farm Quarantine
Wisconsin Ag Connection - 11/14/2017

Confirmation of chronic wasting disease in two white-tailed deer shot on a hunting ranch in Waupaca County has led to another farm in Iowa County being quarantined. State Veterinarian Dr. Paul McGraw announced the decision last week after the National Veterinary Services Laboratory in Ames, Iowa, confirmed the test results.

The two four-year-old bucks were killed on the 84-acre hunting ranch in Waupaca, but originated from a 15-acre breeding farm in Mineral Point that contains 110 white-tailed deer. Both animals were natural additions to the breeding farm and were moved to the Waupaca hunting ranch in September of this year.

McGraw says neither of the deer showed clinical signs of CWD. But he did place a quarantine on the Iowa County farm, which allows live deer to move by special permit only to the Waupaca hunting ranch. The Waupaca hunting ranch is already quarantined because of previous findings of CWD.

The state animal health department will continue the investigation into each animal's history and trace movements of deer to determine whether other herds may have been exposed to the CWD test-positive deer.

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