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Festival Foods Implements SmartSense Food Safety Monitoring
Wisconsin Ag Connection - 11/29/2018

Festival Foods announced that SmartSense has been contracted for task management and continuous temperature monitoring of its food products across all its locations. The implementations are being made to help improve food quality and safety, increase employee efficiency and reduce inventory loss.

SmartSense first tried its food safety solutions at the grocery store chain during a 30-day pilot that included real-time, product-level monitoring in all refrigeration units, food temperature monitoring in deli sections and automated task management. In addition to helping guarantee food safety, the efforts saved thousands of dollars and employee hours per year by reducing lost inventory and manual tasks.

"SmartSense is a proactive approach to equipment maintenance and food safety that gives us the operational oversight we need to improve our bottom line and serve our guests better than ever," said Hsing-Yi Hsieh, Festival Foods director of food protection and regulatory affairs. "Now, every store has real-time access to temperature and food safety data at the product level, and we're able to get ahead of any potential issues well before they become a reality."

Festival Foods operates 32 locations and has more than 7,500 employees across Wisconsin.

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