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Latest Raw Milk Proposal Officially Introduced
Wisconsin Ag Connection - 11/20/2015

As promised, Rep. Dave Murphy has introduced a bill that would legalize the sales of unpasteurized milk and other dairy products in Wisconsin. The Greenville Republican says his measure will allow dairy producers to sell their products directly to consumers from the farm.

Similar bills were drafted in 2013 and 2014, but failed to be brought up for a floor vote in the state legislature. Currently, farmers who sell raw milk could lose their dairy production license.

Former Governor Jim Doyle nearly approved raw milk legislation in 2010, but vetoed it at the last minute after consulting with hundreds of people on both sides of the issue.

Supporters of raw milk say people who drink it report improvement or disappearance of troubling health issues. But many state farm and health groups have been fighting such a proposal for years. They say there's no sure way to make raw milk safe and that it should not be allowed for public consumption as long as people continue to get sick from it. Others involved in Wisconsin's dairy industry also fear that their business would get a lasting negative wrap if their consumers would become ill from eating or drinking dairy products.

Currently, more than 30 states allow sales of raw milk, but most have some time of restrictions attached it to it.

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