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Governor Walker Approves New State Emergency Response Plan
Wisconsin Ag Connection - 11/16/2011

Governor Scott Walker signed the new State of Wisconsin Emergency Response Plan this week. The program will help the state to follow the National Response Framework, as well as incident specific annexes for events like severe weather, radiological disasters and cyber security.

"This year Wisconsin has suffered many disasters and emergencies from a blizzard to a deadly heat wave in July," Walker said. "The one thing that all these events have in common is the importance of various government, volunteer agencies and the private sector working together to respond and recover from emergencies."

The new state emergency response plan contains a basic plan with 15 emergency support functions ranging from evacuation & transportation, search & rescue and firefighting.

Various state agencies, private sector and volunteer organizations developed the all-hazards plan. In addition, planning guidance and templates have been provided to county, local and tribal emergency management programs. This is to ensure that all levels of government are able to mobilize and coordinate response and recovery efforts to a disaster or emergency.

The new Wisconsin Emergency Response Plan is available at:

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