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WICFA to Hold Meeting to Discuss Raw Milk Sales, Other Issues
Wisconsin Ag Connection - 11/19/2009

A newly formed farm organization in Wisconsin is holding a networking meeting next month to promote and preserve unregulated direct farmer-to-consumer trade, which they say fosters the availability of locally grown and home-produced food products. The Wisconsin Independent Consumers and Farmers Association is scheduling the forum for December 12 at 10:00 a.m. at the Town of Dalton Hall in Green Lake County.

Clifford Cordell of New Auburn says the purpose of the meeting is to discuss ways that Wisconsin groups and organizations can better communicate and share ideas to enhance their overall strength to pass favorable legislation to protect their choices.

"We are inviting all groups concerned about the freedom to grow and purchase locally grown foods," Cordell told Wisconsin Ag Connection. "In particular, we want to motivate people to go to trials of small farmers around the state who are being persecuted for trying to provide very healthy alternatives to the traditional menu that we are accustomed to. Raw milk dairy farmers are coming under attack more and more since DATCP has decided to change its interpretation of its own regulations."

Earlier this month, about two-dozen citizens spent nearly two hours during the Department of Agriculture's monthly board meeting commenting on their thoughts about selling raw milk to the public. Many of those people felt the state law, which prohibits such sales, was unfair and should be changed.

Cordell says his group is also opposed to premises registration, NAIS, and current leafy greens legislation.

For more information about the Wisconsin Independent Consumers and Farmers Association, or to get details about next month's meeting, call 715-418-0424.

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