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Green Bay Lawmakers Propose Manure Regulation Bill
Wisconsin Ag Connection - 12/07/2015

A pair of state lawmakers from Green Bay are proposing a bill that would require the Department of Natural Resources, Department of Agriculture, and county land and water conservationists to identify and map areas susceptible to groundwater contamination for farmers to follow when they spread their manure. Rep. Eric Genrich and Sen. Dave Hansen say their proposal is in response to the growing concerns the public has over large-scale farms and how they handle their animal waste.

The measure would require the agencies to rank farmland according to their vulnerability to contamination. The DNR would also have authority to issue citations to those who violate the rules.

Environmental groups have been targeting operations in eastern Wisconsin for the past couple of years. They claim there has been a dramatic increase in the number of wells that have tested positive for unsafe levels of bacteria.

Many farms, especially in Kewaunee County, say they follow current regulations when handling their farm's manure and don't feel they are to blame for all the contamination.

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