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Wisconsin Ranks First Nationally in Many Ag Commodities
Wisconsin Ag Connection - 12/09/2016

Farmers in the Dairy State continue to produce a wider variety of agricultural commodities than any other state in the nation. The latest numbers from the Wisconsin Ag Statistics Service indicates that the state's diverse farming industry continues to be above most as it ranked first nationally in at least 11 different commodity areas during the past year.

Officials say the state places first in total cheese production, as well as specific types of cheeses such as American and Cheddar. Wisconsin also ranks on top for dry whey and milk goats. However, California took the top spot of being the leading butter producing state several years ago, and was still ahead in total milk production.

Besides dairy categories, other first place production rankings include mink pelts, corn for silage, oats, cranberries, and snap beans for processing. Wisconsin is also the leading state in ginseng production.

And besides total milk and butter output, the state takes a close second ranking in Mozzarella and Italian cheese output, total number of milk cows, dry forage production, and carrots for processing.

The state ranks third nationally in potatoes, sweet corn for processing, and green peas for processing; fourth for maple syrup; and fifth in the production of tart cherries.

Compared to Wisconsin, California has six commodity areas that they rank first in nationally.

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