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Farm Bureau Delegates Set Policy for 2015
Wisconsin Ag Connection - 12/10/2014

Delegates at the Wisconsin Farm Bureau's annual meeting in Wisconsin Dells this week have adopted policies that will guide the legislative agenda for the state's largest general farm organization over the next year. Resolutions were submitted by farmers from across the state during the convention. They include policies to address a shortage of agricultural agents in the University of Wisconsin-Extension system.

Members feel that agents should not be required to have a Master's Degree and should be encouraged to work across county lines. The UW-Extension system was asked to establish regions in which specialized ag agents are assigned.

In regards to laws pertaining to high capacity wells, the group opposed defining multiple small wells on contiguous land as a high capacity well. They also supported grandfathering in existing high capacity wells under the laws in which they were installed or upgraded.

Delegates went on record supporting the use of unmanned aircraft systems, such as drones, for commercial and agricultural purposes. However, they want drone operators to be required to gain consent of the land operator before flying over it.

They voted to support limiting the bear population to the state's original goal and support combining the authorization to trap and hunt bear on a renter's property on one form. Members oppose mandating labeling of Genetically Modified Organisms products or ingredients in Wisconsin. and they are against any municipality or county having the ability to levy a special assessment on agricultural property for constructing any public work or improvement.

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