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New Tool Helps Determine the Value of Woodlands
Wisconsin Ag Connection - 02/04/2014

There are several key factors that help determine what farmland is worth in your area, but how can you put a price on your wooded acres? Well, perhaps Southwest Badger Forester Patrick Dayton can help. He has created a Forestry Economic Calculator and added it to the Southwest Badger website to show the economic value of sustainable forest management.

"Money generated from harvesting timber does not start and stop with the money a logger pays a landowner for the trees," said Dayton. "That is only one small portion of economic activity that sustainable forestry generates. There are many people along the chain of production who add value to the product and receive an income for their efforts."

The calculator can be found at http://www.swbadger.org/forest-stewardship.html. The tool gives a more complete illustration of the steps from woods to woodwork that take place in southwest Wisconsin.

Dayton says the calculator does not measure economic multipliers, but rather counts steps in the process that add value to the actual process of wood production.

He said the calculator could be used by landowners to show how much their individual timber harvest benefitted not only themselves, but the region. It may be even more useful to regional leaders to demonstrate the significance of sustainable forestry in their area.

"The calculator could also be used by the forest industry to explain the value of what they do and to measure their cost of production," he noted.

The Forestry Economic Calculator was constructed by Southwest Badger with the help of the Kickapoo Woods Cooperative and individuals from the forest industry.

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