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Most Commodity Prices Received by Farmers Also Lower
Wisconsin Ag Connection - 01/06/2009

Prices in Wisconsin for steers and heifers, cows, calves, milk, corn, oats, and soybeans are expected to decrease from November to December. But potato, alfalfa hay, and hay other than alfalfa prices were up during the same period. As of mid-December, the average price Wisconsin farmers received for corn was $3.90 per bushel, four cents below the average price in November, and five cents below December 2007. Nationally, corn prices averaged $4.05 per bushel for mid-December.

Wisconsin soybeans decreased 40 cents per bushel from November, for an average of $8.60. This is a $1.70-centper-bushel decrease from December of last year. U.S. soybeans sold for $8.97 in mid-December, down $1.03 from last year. Oat prices declined in Wisconsin, averaging $2.60 per bushel, a five cent decrease from November. Nationally, oat prices were $2.40 per bushel, 29 cents below December 2007.

As of mid-December, alfalfa hay in Wisconsin sold for an average price of $110.00 per ton, $5.00 more than in November. Other hay types also moved up $5.00 per ton, selling at $75.00.

Wisconsin steer and heifer prices averaged $54.00 per hundredweight in mid-December, $4.80 below November. Cow prices decreased $5.00 per cwt. to $38.00. Calf prices, at $130.00 per cwt, were down $7.00 from last month. At the U.S. level, steer and heifer prices in mid-December were $9.30 per cwt. below a year ago, at $79.90. Cow prices, at an average of $39.80 per cwt., were down $5.20 from December of last year. Calf prices fell $19.00 per cwt. from last year, at $101.00.

Wheat, barley, and hog monthly prices are not published separately for Wisconsin, but nationally, all wheat sold for $5.91 per bushel in mid-December, a decrease of $1.80 from last year. U.S. winter wheat decreased $2.64 per bushel from last year, averaging $5.06. U.S. barley sold for $4.36 per bushel, eight cents below last year. Hog prices averaged $42.40 per cwt., $2.80 above December 2007.

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