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Dairy signal series - calf health and disease prevention
Wisconsin Ag Connection - 03/04/2024

The Dairy Signal, a weekly educational series by Professional Dairy Producers®, offers valuable information for dairy farmers and food-system professionals this week. Each episode airs live from noon to 1:00 PM CT, Tuesday through Thursday.

• Tuesday, March 5th: Dr. Melissa Cantor, Assistant Professor at Pennsylvania State University, discusses five common calf afflictions: crypto, rotavirus, coronavirus, E. coli, and salmonella. The episode focuses on identifying signs, prevention strategies, and outbreak protocols for each disease.

• Wednesday, March 6th: As the planting season approaches, growers can learn about corn rootworm and other potential insect pests. This episode, presented by agronomist Todd Schaumburg, covers management and prevention techniques, potential damage caused by these pests, and scouting methods for early detection.

• Thursday, March 7th: Dr. Faith Reyes, Dairy Outreach Specialist at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, shares recent research findings on the impact of feed bunk competition and overstocking on animal well-being. The episode also features insights into other ongoing research relevant to the dairy industry.

The Dairy Signal® episodes are accredited for continuing education (CE) through Dairy AdvanCE®. Participants can earn up to 0.5 CE units per episode by completing a short online quiz, available for both live and recorded sessions. Dairy AdvanCE® is an online platform designed to simplify the process of finding, tracking, and managing CE credits for dairy professionals.

Subscriptions to The Dairy Signal® are free for farmers and students, while allied industry professionals can subscribe for a one-time fee of $75. To learn more, visit www.DairyAdvance.org. This series provides practical insights and resources to support informed decision-making and success across the dairy value chain.

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