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Manure Piping Legislation Goes to Walker's Desk
Wisconsin Ag Connection - 02/15/2016

State lawmakers have approved a bill that would give clear authority for local municipalities to permit the piping of liquid manure within a highway right-of-way. Senate Bill 390, authored by Sen. Jerry Petrowski of Marathon and Rep. James Edming from Glen Flora, would also play a role in preserving roads.

"With the idea of limiting excessive road use by semi tractors and manure tankers to help preserve an aging and underfunded infrastructure, it's important we find alternative means to transport liquid manure from point source to the fields," said Rob Richard, who serves as the Senior Director of Governmental Relations for the Wisconsin Farm Bureau. "Senate Bill 390 is certainly one concept that local governments and farmers can utilize to implement best management practices for manure application. This is a step in the right direction."

Richard added that the bill preserves landowner rights and does not lessen someone's responsibility to prevent, clean up or pay for a manure spill.

Supporters of the bill say that moving manure through pipelines help keep heavy equipment off the roads, while reducing the cost of expensive equipment required for hauling manure with tractors and tanker-spreaders.

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