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Wisconsin Vegetable Growers Had a Good 2017
Wisconsin Ag Connection - 02/14/2018

New figures from the Wisconsin Department of Agriculture show that 62,500 total acres of snap beans were picked in the Badger State in 2017, with a total production of 6.56 million per hundredweight. The agency says production of snap beans for processing was 322,875 tons and was valued at $35.5 million. Wisconsin maintained its number one ranking in production of processing snap beans--though production and value were lower than 2016's growing season.

Sweet corn growers harvested 9.59 million cwt. from 54,500 acres last year. Fresh market production totaled 402,900 cwt. and was valued at $12.4 million. Processing production accounted for 458,977 tons and had a value of $32.0 million. The state remained in third place nationally for processing sweet corn production.

Wisconsin farmers produced 967,500 cwt of green peas. There were 22,500 acres harvested. The 47,746 tons of processing green pea production had a value of $10.2 million.

Producers grew 2.52 million cwt of carrots in 2017 from 4,500 harvest acres. Processing carrot production accounted for 125,622 tons was worth $8.54 million.

And there were 6,000 acres of cabbage harvested in the state, with a total value of production of $50.5 million.

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