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Livestock Siting Bill Sent Back to Committee
Wisconsin Ag Connection - 02/21/2020

Despite approving eight bills designed to boost Wisconsin's farm sector this week, GOP lawmakers decided not to vote on the latest version of the so-called Livestock Facility Siting bill. In a statement by Senate Ag Committee Chairman Howard Marklein, SB 808 will be sent back to committee for further changes rather than going to Gov. Tony Evers in time to be passed by the end of the legislative session this week.

"We worked hard, for months, to seek a balance between the needs of agriculture and the authority of local governments. Unfortunately, one of the stakeholders raised an issue that we could not overcome in time to complete the bill this session," Sen. Marklein said. "The change they requested would have impacted local control and I was not willing to create an imbalance in this legislation."

Without going into details, the Spring Green Republican says the original proposal was a good bill that gave farmers certainty and predictability while maintaining local control. He further promised to work with farmers and the local government leaders to find the right balance for all sides.

Meanwhile, the Assembly passed a package of other measures on Thursday, including the allocation of $5 million in state investments to a new export initiative designed to help sell more dairy products abroad, as well as investing $1 million in the dairy processor grant program. Another bill would ban the labeling of products as 'milk' or 'dairy' products if the food is not made from actual milk.

Gov. Evers is expected to sign the agricultural stimulus bills--many of which he called for in his recent State of the State Address in January.

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