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Town Officials Recalled in Wind Turbine Controversy
Wisconsin Ag Connection - 02/17/2011

Several board members in the Town of Forest in Saint Croix County have been ousted by voters this week for approving major wind energy projects.

The issue began when a group of local residents circulated a petition to remove the current board after they approved a wind project proposed by Emerging Energies LLC last year. That deal called for 39 turbines to be installed on parcels scattered throughout the township.

The group is concerned about diminished land values and noise pollution from the turbines, which could be up to 500 feet tall. They are also seeking a permanent injunction to stop the project.

Meanwhile, long-time Town Chairman Roger Swanepoel was recalled out to be replaced by Jaime Junker; and supervisors Carlton Cress and Douglas Karau will be replaced by Rick Steinberger and Patrick Scepurek.

The town is located just north of Glenwood City.

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