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Kraft Heinz Begins Layoffs at Madison Headquarters
Wisconsin Ag Connection - 01/08/2016

The parent company of Oscar Mayer announced plans to begin staff reductions at its Madison corporate headquarters. Kraft Heinz said in November that it will move its operations to Chicago and Davenport, Iowa, over the next year and a half as a way to save money.

The company will first layoff about 140 salaried non-union employees who have decided not to move to Chicago. Employees who declined the relocation offer will receive severance pay and other benefits, company officials say.

The closing is expected in phases between February and June.

World famous for its wieners and bologna products, Oscar Mayer had been owned by Philip Morris for many years until it was sold to General Foods in 1985. Kraft purchased the brand in 1988. The Madison office has been in operation since 1919.

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