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Walker Signs Bill to Relax Teaching Credentials for Vo-Ed Classes
Wisconsin Ag Connection - 03/09/2016

A controversial measure that would allow individual citizens the ability to teach certain vocational education classes in public schools regardless of their education has been signed into law by Gov. Scott Walker. Specifically, the new policy creates a licensing process based on experience in noncore subjects such as agriculture, business education, art or home economics.

As part of the new law, the applicant would be hired by a school district and issued a three-year temporary license by the Department of Public Instruction. The DPI could then grant a professional teaching license to that person once the first permit expires as long as they have successfully completed the curriculum established by that particular school board.

The bill was signed during a ceremony at the Brown Deer School District on Tuesday, which is a school system that has been experimenting with experience-based licenses.

"This law will make it easier for school districts to fill much-needed teaching positions with professional and experienced individuals, which will assist in allowing school districts to offer courses in vocational areas that may not currently be offered to help Wisconsin students learn about in-demand careers and better prepare them for the workforce," Walker said at the signing.

Backers of the concept say many school districts, especially in rural areas, are having a difficult time recruiting quality teachers. They feel that relaxing the current standards will help bring in capable faculty to fill that void.

However, the DPI and various teacher unions are crying foul, saying the idea will lower the standards for quality education in Wisconsin.

The measure was authored by Senator Alberta Darling of River Hills and Rep. Daniel Knodl from Germantown. The concept is similar to the process created for technical education subjects in the 2015-17 biennial budget.

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