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State Trout Sales Were Down in 2013
Wisconsin Ag Connection - 03/11/2014

Wisconsin's fish producers reported $1.60 million in trout sales during the past year. That's $465,000 below 2012 figures, according to the state's agriculture department.

During the past year, trout stocks were valued at $2.51 million. Sales of trout that were at least 12 inches long totaled $1.45 million, a 25 percent decrease in value from 2012. The number of trout sold at 12 inches or longer was 460,000. Live weight of trout sold in this size category was 441,000 pounds.

Meanwhile, the value of 6 to 12 inch trout sold was $152,000, an increase of $22,000 from 2012. The number of fish sold in this size category, at 110,000, was up 30,000 from the previous year. The average price was $4.35 per pound, up 83 cents from a year earlier.

Sales of 1 to 6 inch trout totaled $4,000, down $8,000 from 2012. There were 50,000 trout sold in this size category, 45,000 less than a year earlier. Total pounds sold, at 1,000, stayed the same. The price for fish in the 1 to 6 inch category, at $86 per 1,000 fish, decreased by $41.

And trout-for-sale producers lost 183,000 fish weighing a total of 40,000 pounds to various causes during 2013. The number of trout lost was 147,000 less than last year, while total weight decreased 73,000 pounds.

Nationally, the total value of fish sales received by trout growers in the U.S. totaled 96.4 million dollars for 2013, an increase of four percent from 2012. Idaho accounted for 46 percent of the total value of fish sold.

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