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DBMMC Urges Comprehensive Immigration Reform
Wisconsin Ag Connection - 01/12/2015

A Wisconsin dairy firm claims the executive order on immigration issued by President Obama last month fails to address the very important labor need of dairy farmers. The Dairy Business Milk Marketing Cooperative said in a memo last week that the nation's immigration system needs permanent reform, and that can only be accomplished through action by Congress.

"Democrats and Republicans must come together to fix this broken system," explained Laura Fischer, the Directory of Dairy Policy for the Dairy Business Association. "Unfortunately, the tension caused by the executive order reduce the probability of this type of reform occurring."

Fischer says workers on dairy farms need permanent relief and dairy farmers need their future labor needs addressed. She said DBMMC leadership is hopeful that, in light of the President's stated philosophy, dairy farmers and their workers will be allowed to continue their work to provide America with an abundant supply of milk and dairy products without threat or harassment.

"DBMMC is also working to urge members of Congress to take action in 2015 to resolve this issue once and for all," Fischer said. "Specifically, efforts are underway that develop a long-term guest worker program to address our industry's labor needs."

The Dairy Business Milk Marketing Cooperative is a testing and verification cooperative. The group advocates on behalf of its members for the implementation of policies that advance the dairy industry.

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