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TRU Aseptics Obtains Grade 'A' Dairy License
Wisconsin Ag Connection - 03/28/2018

TRU Aseptics, a low-acid aseptic processor, announced that it has successfully passed its State of Wisconsin dairy inspection and has been approved as a Grade "A" Dairy Manufacturer and Interstate Milk Shipper. The inspection program follows rigorous requirements in Wisconsin and complies with the Food and Drug Administration guidelines. The dairy accreditations ensure the safety of milk and allow interstate commerce.

TRU is a pure-play fluid aseptic processor and contract manufacturer of low acid products that will now include Grade "A" Dairy - 2% milk, skim, whole milk and half & half. TRU can receive and process raw, pasteurized and standardized milk in tankers and totes. In anticipation of dairy production, TRU invested in state-of the-art equipment, including an SPX Flow APV/Gaulin Aseptic homogenizer. The new aseptic homogenizer delivers the latest technologies for dairy applications. Its variable speeds and robust functionality will provide processing options for both dairy and plant-based dairy alternatives. Homogenization is critical for stabilization, as well as overall consistency and quality of dairy products.

"We are pleased to have passed the State of Wisconsin dairy inspection and plan to begin production of low-acid dairy products this month," said James Hurley, CEO of TRU Aseptics. "We found that there were significant unmet needs in the marketplace for dairy-based aseptic products and the acquisition of a diary license was the next logical step to fill unmet needs for our clients."

TRU's Beloit location is geographically ideal for dairy production. TRU is in the Upper Midwest Zone 30 of the Federal Milk Marketing Order. The proximity to many Midwest dairies and centralized location will offer many advantages to customers, including extensive sourcing options of dairy.

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