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Walker Signs Bill to Change Wolf Hunting Season Dates
Wisconsin Ag Connection - 03/30/2016

Gov. Scott Walker signed Assembly Bill 700 into law on Tuesday, which adjusts the date on which the annual open season for hunting and trapping wolves begins.

The measure changes the start date for wolf hunting and trapping from October 15 to the first Saturday in November.

"Hunting is a rich part of Wisconsin's heritage and draws not only citizens from throughout the state every year but visitors from other states as well," Gov. Walker said. "The bill we're signing into law here today in Rothschild moves the start date of the open season for wolf hunting to be later in the year to prevent conflicts with other hunting seasons in Wisconsin. Additionally, because wolf pelts are better quality later in the year, the value and desirability of wolf pelts will increase for our hunters."

The state has held three wolf hunts in recent years until animal rights groups convinced judges to placed the wolves back on the endangered species list two years ago.

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