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Duffy Introduces Bill to Delist Gray Wolves
Wisconsin Ag Connection - 01/11/2017

Wisconsin Congressman Sean Duffy wasted no time introducing his plan to remove gray wolves from the Endangered Species Act. On Tuesday, the seventh district representative sponsored a bill that would return management of the Western Great Lakes and Wyoming gray wolves to state control.

Management of the wolves were transferred from the state to the federal level following a pair of U.S. District Court decisions in 2014. Duffy says these designations have left farmers and ranchers without any legal options to protect livestock from problem wolves.

"Judicial activism has caused a multitude of problems in our nation, and a Washington judge claiming to know what's best for Wisconsin's ecosystem is another egregious example," Duffy said. "In Wisconsin, we cherish our wildlife and work diligently to conserve our natural resources, but the Endangered Species Act has allowed courts to misuse judicial oversight to stop science-based wildlife management from moving forward to delist the gray wolf. Wisconsin farmers deserve to be able to protect their livestock from gray wolves, and we will protect Wisconsin farmers from activist judges."

Meanwhile, the news was very welcoming to State Senator Tom Tiffany of Hazelhurst and Rep. Adam Jarchow from Balsam Lake. In a joint statement, the two Republicans--who organized the Great Lakes Wolf Summit in Wisconsin last fall--said delisting the gray wolf is a bipartisan issue and they urge members of Congress to support the proposal and pass the bill as soon as possible.

Supporters are also calling on Governor Scott Walker to take the necessary steps to prepare state agencies for implementation of a fall wolf hunt.

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