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Market Basket Survey Shows Higher Food Prices
Wisconsin Ag Connection - 01/11/2011

The cost of your groceries are continuing to edge up in the local supermarkets. The Wisconsin Farm Bureau released its final Marketbasket Survey for 2010 this week, which showed that the price of 16 basic food items in 26 communities totaled $45.61 during the forth quarter of the year--an increase of 48 cents from three months earlier.

WFBF Spokesman Casey Langan says eggs, shredded cheddar cheese, ground chuck, vegetable oil, potatoes and toasted oat cereal were the items that saw the largest percentage increases in price compared to the prior quarter. But stores did lower the price on bacon, apples, flour and milk.

The American Farm Bureau's national survey of the same 16 items cost $46.97, which is over one dollar more than Wisconsin's average. However, six of the items had higher prices in Wisconsin, including shredded cheddar cheese, toasted oat cereal, ground chuck, boneless chicken breast, vegetable oil and flour.

Compared to a year ago, the total price of the national survey was up $4.07, or about 10 percent.

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