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Class III Milk Price Announced at $19.40
Wisconsin Ag Connection - 04/01/2011

The March Class III milk price was released at $19.40 per hundredweight on Friday. That was up $2.40 from the month before, and $6.62 above year-ago levels. The hike puts the price at the highest level since June 2008. The Class IV price was up $1.01 from last month at $19.41. That's $6.49 more than last year at this time.

Meanwhile, Wisconsin farmers received an average price of $19.20 per hundredweight for their milk in February 2011, up $3.20 from February 2010. And according to the USDA, the March 2011 price is expected to increase by another $1.80 to $21.00 per cwt.

The expected U.S. milk price for March is $20.40 per cwt., $1.30 higher than last month, but 60 cents lower than Wisconsin's price. All states are expecting an increase from February to March. Idaho and Florida are predicting the largest gains in price, rising $2.10 to $20.00 and $24.00 per cwt., respectively. California is anticipating the smallest gain, up 39 cents to $18.40, which is also the lowest price of any of the major milk producing states.

Meanwhile, the Chicago Mercantile Exchange 40-pound block cheese price closed at $1.63 per pound on March 30, while barrels were $1.61 per pound. The CME butter price was $2.00 per pound.

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