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USDA Breaks Down Top Hay Producing Counties of 2015
Wisconsin Ag Connection - 04/11/2016

The National Agricultural Statistics Service reports that Grant County was the largest producing county in Wisconsin for alfalfa and alfalfa mixture dry hay during the past growing season. County growers harvested 165,000 tons of hay in 2015, followed by Vernon at 131,800 tons, and Iowa County County with 119,500 tons. Lafayette and Sauk counties also exceed the 100,000 ton mark in total production.

The agency said alfalfa yields statewide averaged 2.80 tons per acre last year, down 1,000 pounds per acres from 2014. Dane County had the highest average yield, at 3.55 tons per acre, trailed by Jefferson at 3.45 tons and Barron with 3.35. Three counties were tied for the lowest published yield, as Forest, Oneida, and Bayfield Counties all recorded 1.40 tons per acre. Ashland was the next lowest at 1.50 tons per acre.

Taylor County was the largest producer of other dry hay in 2015 with 30,400 tons. Other top producing counties were Clark at 30,200 tons and Rusk with 27,900 tons.

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