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Wisconsin Corn Growers Spreading the News About Ethanol
Wisconsin Ag Connection - 04/08/2008

Wisconsin corn growers are teaming up with the Milwaukee Brewers and taking to the fields early this spring in order to spread news about the many benefits of ethanol.

"When you use ethanol-enriched fuel in your car you're also fueling the local economy," explains radio announcer Bill Michaels, who voiced the first weekly E-update. Michaels goes on to explain that ethanol comes from corn grown and processed right here, adding millions of dollars and hundreds of jobs to the state's economy and fueling energy independence.

Ethanol already has replaced more than 14 billion gallons of imported gasoline, reducing our reliance on middle-east oil, the advertisement notes.

"Fueling the economy, fueling energy independence--all while reducing harmful tailpipe emissions. Ethanol...and this E-update are brought to you by Wisconsin's Corn Growers," Michaels says on the message.

The Wisconsin E-updates are being funded by the Wisconsin corn checkoff and additional messages will be heard throughout the spring baseball season on all Milwaukee Brewers network stations. Wisconsin's corn checkoff, which collects one-half cent for every bushel of Wisconsin corn sold, is one of the oldest checkoff programs in the country.

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