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WiWic Mental Health Support Trainings to Begin January 20
Wisconsin Ag Connection - 01/14/2022

Wisconsin Women in Conservation will partner with Farm Well Wisconsin to provide two-hour virtual regional trainings to help women learn to recognize someone in need of mental health treatment and respond intentionally and effectively, without putting their own mental health at risk.

Farm Well Wisconsin works in Southwestern Wisconsin to develop and offer resources that support the health and wellbeing of farmers, farmworkers, and their families. The group believes that farming well depends on taking care of our bodies, minds, emotions, and relationships.

"Mental health is a topic that impacts everyone. For better or worse, women often take on the role of providing emotional support for their families and extended networks - acting as counselors, confidants, and mediators," says Chris Frakes, director of Farm Well Wisconsin. "It is vital to learn the skills needed to carry out those roles more effectively and to learn how to set boundaries that protect your own wellbeing."

Participants in the trainings will explore the COMET method, which stands for Changing Our Mental and Emotional Trajectory. This program aims to change the trajectory of someone in a vulnerable space, and headed towards crisis, back towards a place of wellness.

A recently-released poll from American Farm Bureau suggests that a majority of rural adults and farmers/farm workers are experiencing more stress and mental health challenges than they were a year ago. Younger rural adults are more likely than older rural adults to say they are experiencing more stress and mental health challenges than a year ago, and they are more likely to say they have personally sought care from a mental health professional.

More information or to access registration for the trainings, go to: www.WiWiC.org

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