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EAB Spreads to Green County
Wisconsin Ag Connection - 04/28/2015

The tree-killing Emerald Ash Borer has been confirmed for the first time in Green County. State agriculture officials say the bug was discovered in a private yard in the town of Decatur.

According to a media release, a homeowner notified the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources after seeing woodpecker damage and the telltale serpentine tunneling made by EAB larvae under the tree bark. Samples of EAB larvae were collected April 22, and the U.S. Department of Agriculture later confirmed that they were emerald ash borer.

"We quarantined Green County last July, along with Richland, Iowa and Lafayette counties, even though we had no confirmed findings of EAB there," said Brian Kuhn, director of the Bureau of Plant Industry at DATCP. "This block of counties was surrounded at that point by quarantined counties, which leads us to suspect that EAB is present in low numbers that are difficult to detect. The Green County find confirms this."

Quarantines prohibit ash wood products and hardwood firewood from being moved to areas that are not quarantined. For businesses handling wood products that could carry EAB, this means that they must work with DATCP to assure that their products are pest-free before shipping to non-quarantine counties. For private citizens, a quarantine means that residents may not take firewood from these counties to non-quarantine counties.

EAB is native to China and likely entered the United States on packing material, showing up first in Michigan in 2002. It was first found in Wisconsin in 2008 in Ozaukee County and has effected over 30 other counties since.

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